TBB December 2018 Newsletter: Holiday Party, Town Hall Minutes

Greetings TBB,

We hope your off-season is going well! Anyone else suffering from SRFC withdrawal? A few updates:

The 2018 TBB Holiday Party is coming up Sunday December 9 at Urban Roots Brewing & Smokehouse from 6 to 10pm. Please RSVP via the Eventbrite link (the same password used all season) and you'll get one drink token per TBB member RSVP. We will also be helping the Sacramento Children's Home by collecting toys with two raffle tickets per toy brought and additional raffle tickets for sale to raise money. Expect SRFC & TBB related raffle prizes. Oh and you can surely bring a non-member guest.

We had a great turnout at the Town Hall! The presentation slides have been emailed to members and the minutes can be find below. We need your help! If you'd like to join a committee or get involved in any way, please email us at info@tbbattalion.com.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the #TreeGoals event! We successfully planted 47 trees with the Sacramento Tree Foundation in honor of our boys scoring 47 goals and we contributed to our urban forest ensuring we continue to be the City of Trees.

Finally, thanks to everyone that joined us for Run To Feed The Hungry and/or the Friendsgiving Potluck. We plan to continue these events in the future.

We'll see everyone at the holiday party and expect more updates in the new year.

Thanks, Meghan, Matteo & Dan

TBB Town Hall Meeting Minutes

November 9, 2018


19:46 Meeting commenced by Dan Colby:

Introductions of board members: Dan Colby, Matteo Cascio, and Meghan Dendorfer

Tower Bridge Battalion, what we are:

            Member led group.

            and a petition for help from members.

Vision: To be a supporter group we can be proud of 

TBB Objectives: support SRFC, the players/team on the pitch, not anyone else (Front Office, owners, etc.) 

            Leadership meets with FO every few months but we are an independent group    We are also here for member engagement and community outreach.

Meghan Dendorfer:

Guiding Pillar of TBB: 

            "Stand, yell, & Scream for the full 90 min to back our city and club."

            We are NOT here to provide the atmosphere for the entire stadium nor to be the             cheerleaders.

How to support our team/TBB:         

            Call for new/more Capos

            Additional songs/chants. Please submit your ideas

            Call for additional brass players

            The drum section is strong

            Continue our strong Tifo program, please sign up. 

            Need for more flags, 2 poles, streamers, etc. 

            Will likely host another create your own flag event. 

            (Request for instruction how to make 2 pole) Meghan will follow up.

            Away games: which matches are important to you? Let us know. We would like to have continued attendance. 

Match day goals:

            Working on cheaper beer, current $6 pre-match deal will likely be continued. We are advocating for even cheaper beer at every meeting with FO           

            Pre match march-variable responses to our march: suggestions include, pushback till later and march just minutes prior to start. Pause under bleachers for acoustics, etc.

            Tailgate: actively advocating for a permanent official TBB tailgate. What are our "must haves". Suggestions included: move site to where the band plays for better experience. Obtain permit to use levy.

Matteo Cascio:

Member engagement: Engage current members, expand roles, clarify roles, empower members. 

            You want merch, make it, sell it. Tifos, 2-poles, songs. Do it. We can help.

Growth: New members -who isn't joing TBB and why?

                                       -returning members

                                       -welcoming to all

            Ambassadors: at new member table, introduce them to someone who'll show them around, make introductions to others, engage them to make them feel welcome, get them coming back.            


            Email new members with introduction to who and what we are, community events, social media information, ie TBB community wall, website, FB page, etc.


            What we can do as members: take a minute to say hi to your neighbor.     

            Consider moving to different areas of our section to meet newer members.


            Member relations: a new committee

                        TBB ambassadors: likely large crew, rotate availability                     

                        Member table manned by volunteer ambassadors   

            Ticket exchange: how can we do this or continue on TBB community wall


Apparel: research available products, specialized products.... what do you want to see?

            Kristen to take over design. Discussed how to deliver items so as not to haul         merch to every match for pickup. 


Community Outreach: 

            Walk a Mile in her shoes        

            St Baldricks

            Sac Pride

            World Refugee night

            Sac Children's Home Christmas toy drive

            Sacramento Tree Foundation


            We would like to have consistent involvement in community projects. Our members guide how and where we participate, to reflect our valuesand support charitable events.

            What else would you like to see? 


Leadership:  Lead. Be involved. Sign up. 

We are recruiting committee members and leaders for the following committees:

            Member relations (TBB ambassadors)

            Tifo (2-poles, flags, tifos for selected matches)

            Community Outreach


Contact us at info@tbbattalion.com


TBB Meeting: Monthly meetings with committee leaders and board

                        Quarterly meetings, open to all. Schedule TBD.


Board leadership:

            Founding TBB bylaws state the board is appointed. 

            Current board is revising the bylaws and reviewing various elected board models. We will be the last appointed TBB board. The next board will be elected. 

            Considering a Sacramento Supporters Trust/Union

            Early stages:    What features do we want to sample from other models?

                                    What do we want to avoid?

                                    What is our timetable?

                                    Who wants to be involved?


TBB is a 501c7 non-profit organization.


Open Forum: Discussion on photog/media presence and what to do about it.

            Problem of non-members walking in front of our sections, stopping for selfies, etc. (Last game we placed a rope stanchion to prevent this) 

            Send out a poll: "Why aren't you sitting (standing/chanting) with us?" to TBB members.


Meeting adjourned.