TBB March Updates: Tailgate, T-shirts & More


Membership Packs: The scarves, pins and stickers have arrived and will be available for pickup at our TBB Tailgate Pickup Table before our home opener this Saturday! Haven’t joined? That’s alright because the 2019 TBB Membership is still available at TBBattalion.com/join/tbb2019.

 TAILGATE!: At long last, we will be tailgating this season! The TBB Tailgate will be a marked off area of no cars within the new tailgate area of the Cal Expo parking lot. If you want to park within the general tailgate area you’ll need to purchase a spot from the Club. However, if you just want to walk into the TBB Tailgate (park somewhere else, Lyft/Uber, carpool, etc.) then that is completelyFREE. While some of our members already plan to park within the tailgate area for ease of set-up, we suspect many will be just walking into the TBB Tailgate with beers in hand.

We’ll be marching from the tailgate with our own separate ticket scan and security check process. This process will begin at 7:05 and the march will take off promptly at 7:20

This is a great opportunity for us and we want to make sure it continues long into the future. There are a few key items we need to get right, as Cal Expo will be looking for any reason to end the fun. (see the attached pdf for the FO’s full tailgate policy)

-       No glass containers of any kind

-       No consumption of alcohol once we have queued up for the march. This is HUGE! We asked for TBB to go through the ticket scan/wand process near the tailgate, so we do not have to stop at the gates once we begin the march. We are talking about 5-10 minutes of no drinking, but apparently the cops are certain we will try to sneak contraband past their security. Let’s prove them wrong.

-       No jumping into the march unless you’ve gone through the scan/wand process. It is imperative that we all arrive with enough time to be properly scanned before the march. If anyone jumps in midway once the march starts, they will be looking to end the privilege and make us queue up at the front gate. Please, don’t ruin this for everyone else.

-       No consumption of marijuana in the tailgate area

-       Clean up! Garbage and recycling cans will be present throughout the tailgating area, please use them.

-      If you are bringing a 10x10 pop-up, consider bringing sandbags or something to weight them down.

 Tifo: Our first tifo painting will take place TONIGHTat Olympus Sports Complex. Due to facility logistics we will be working in two crews for this one. We need a small crew of 4-5 people to show up at 6pm to trace our design. We will then begin painting the tifo at 8:30PM. Feel free to show up for either/both times.  Remember, no artistic talent is required and these events are typically a great time.

 TBB T-Shirts: We are taking preorders now for our new shirts!You’ll need your 2019 TBB password to enter the online shop. If you don’t preorder, you might miss out on a remixed TBB classic. Look for more shirts and other items in the coming months.

Away Days: We are still waiting on potential US Open Cup matches as those are some of our best bus trips. These upcoming trips already have Facebook event pages to help coordinate (ticket links, hotels, pre & after parties, etc).
4/13 @Portland 
5/4 @Las Vegas 
5/8 @Fresno 
6/29 @Reno

See you Saturday at the TBB Tailgate!

-Meghan, Matteo & Dan