TBB Updates: Open Cup, Renope Trip, Walk A Mile


We are all frustrated. Losing to that team, especially in that manner, is infuriating. Fortunately we get a chance for a do-over this Wednesday. Let's show our boys that we've still got their backs.

Upcoming Matches

US Open Cup 5/15: The club is trying a few new approaches that only apply to the match this Wednesday. For starters, there unfortunately won't be a tailgate this time. Secondly, they plan to only have the west sideline open with all seats as unassigned general admission. Just for this match, we'll be in section 101, mostly to be near the players' entrance and also to check out a different vantage point for once. 

Watch Party 5/18: For our match against El Paso this Saturday at 6:30pm, we'll likely join the club watch parties (Chandos and/or New Glory), but we are working towards a new watch party home for future matches. Stay tuned for updates.

General Updates

Merchandise: Thanks to everyone for supporting our shirts and other items! Our design team works really hard and when you show your love for specific items, like the TBB Jersey, it is really satisfying. We hope to have the Jersey pre-orders by mid-June. The TBB Pride shirts should be here by the end of May. Oh and the red TBB crest shirt preorders are already here and ready for pick-up. Look for new items in the coming months.

Welcome Captains: The TBB Welcome Captains program has been a resounding success! Thanks to everyone that has volunteered! Our Head Captain, Scott Heller, would love to add some additional Captains to the team, so if you would like to help out, please email Scott.

TBB Community WallLooking to connect with other members of TBB? The TBB Community Wall on Facebook is a nice little distillation of TBB and features regular lively discussion. Just request to join here.

Brass Instruments: We could still use a few more trumpets, trombones or other brass instrument players for our banda. If you have even the slightest brass instrument experience, you are welcome to join. We might have some spare instruments (brass & plastic) hanging around if that is an obstacle. Email us if interested.  

Away Days

Renope Trip 6/29: Want revenge? Let's show up to Reno with a bigger Travel Bridge Battalion contingent than they have home fans. While the ticket link will be available shortly, we've got a 20% TBB discount for June 28-30 at the Whitney Peak Hotel not far from the stadium. Once the rooms sellout, that's it, so if you are considering making the trip, just pull the trigger. 

OC Trip 7/27Interested in an epic Travel Bridge Battalion bus trip to Orange County? Let us

know by RSVPing on the facebook event page

Community Events

Walk A Mile In Her Shoes 5/19: This Sunday we'll be walking in heels to support WEAVE in the fight against domestic violence, sexual assault and trafficking. Join or donate to our team here: http://www.weavewalkamile.org/TBB

$50 registration includes:

  • Walking fee

  • Shoe rental for men 

  • Drink wristband, for those 21 years and older, unlimited access to beer, mimosas and bloody mary’s

  • Event t-shirt

  • SWAG bag with goodies

  • Guests are free. $10 guest drink bands can be purchased on the day of the event.

TBB @ Pride March 6/9: All are welcome! The event starts at Southside Park at 11am on June 9th. Stay tuned for more details.


See you Wednesday at the US Open Cup match,

-Dan, Meghan & Matteo

TBB May Updates

Hey TBB,

The season is kicking into high gear, so buckle up! Here are your updates for May:

Last Call for TBB Jerseys & Pride Shirts 5/2Both of these items are PREORDER ONLY in the TBB Shop and after this Thursday May 2nd, they'll likely be gone for good. Remember you'll need your 2019 password to access the shop.

For the TBB Jersey, we just added Unisex/Men's sizes 5XL & 6XL, as Icarus is able to go bigger than we realized. It also comes in Women's and even Youth/Baby sizes. We've never done a jersey/kit before and who knows if we do one again? 

Regarding the 2019 TBB Pride Shirts, we hope to have them in time for the 6/1 Pride match or the 6/9 Pride March at the latest. This shirt comes in Unisex/Men's and Women's sizes. And remember that all the proceeds benefit the Gender Health Center.

TailgateWe appreciate each and every one of you for contributing to the amazing tailgate! The 5pm start time was a great success, but we'll continue to request additional time, as we would ideally prefer 3 hours prior to kickoff. If you have any ideas to make it even better or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

US Open Cup vs Renope 5/15: This match is NOT included in your season tickets, but all tickets are general admission for $12. We are still discussing which section we'll be occupying, as we certainly have our routine, although it might be a fun chance to try out a different vantage point. Either way, we'll all be together.

We Need More Brass!: While our drummers are as strong as ever, we could use additional trumpets, trombones, etc. If you have even minimal abilities with brass instruments or know anyone that might want to play with us, please let us know.

Away DaysThese upcoming trips already have Facebook event pages for coordination (tickets, travel, hotels, parties, etc). 

5/4 @Las Vegas  - The match is this Saturday with tickets and a hotel discount on the event page. The watch party location is TBD for those of us that can't make the trip.

5/8 @Fresno - Midweek match, so no bus, but members are already coordinating carpools.

6/29 @Reno - We don't seem to have enough interest for a bus, but we are looking at a potential hotel discount with updates coming soon.

7/27 @OC - Interested in an epic Travel Bridge Battalion bus trip to Orange County? Let us know by RSVPing on the event page.

Upcoming Community Events

5/19 TBB @ Walk a Mile in Her Shoes - This is one of our bigger events for the year and we need your help! We walk in heels to support WEAVE in the fight against domestic violence, sexual assault and trafficking. 

Join our team here: http://www.weavewalkamile.org/TBB

$45 registration fee until May 1, 2019. Registration includes:

  • Walking fee

  • Shoe rental for men 

  • Drink wristband, for those 21 years and older, unlimited access to beer, mimosas and bloody mary’s

  • Event t-shirt

  • SWAG bag with goodies

  • Guests are free. $10 guest drink bands can be purchased on the day of the event.

6/9 TBB @ Pride March

See you soon,

-Meghan, Matteo & Dan

TBB Pride Shirt, Jersey & Sale Items

Greetings TBB!

Just a quick update regarding the TBB Shop:

TBB Pride Shirt️‍: Our 2019 TBB Pride shirt preorder is available now for ONE WEEK ONLYThis year's shirt is a TBB classic design with the power of Pride. The shirt is charcoal and comes in unisex/men's crew-neck or women's v-neck for $20 with all proceeds benefiting Sacramento's Gender Health Center. After May 1, the preorder period will end and this shirt is likely gone for good. We are hoping for a quick turnaround in order to get them in time for the Pride March on June 9.

TBB Jersey🥋: The TBB Jersey is also a PREORDER ONLY item and if you were waiting to make a move, now is the time as it will also finish on May 1. It's $40 and sizes range from unisex and women's to youth and even baby. We included the TBBcrest badge and the number 13 to commemorate our 2013 founding. Little touches include a river sash inspired by the S in the City of Sacramento flag, as well as a subtle bat pattern on the black portion.

Sale Items: We also have some clearance items on sale in the shop, many of which are TBB originals that will likely never return. In addition to classic shirts, we have scarves you might have missed from 2015 onwards. Once they are gone, they are gone.

Shipping: Of note, we now have a shipping option for $10 via USPS Priority Mail. Shipping is ideally intended for our out-of-town members, as we'd prefer to see your lovely faces at a match or watch party for item pickup. 

Remember that you'll need your 2019 password to access the TBB shop. Still need the password? That’s easy, you’ll receive it immediately after signing up for TBB: http://www.tbbattalion.com/join

We'll see you all this Saturday at the TBB Tailgate before our match against Phoenix! Look for an update on social media regarding the tailgate start time, as we are pushing for an earlier start.

-Meghan, Matteo & Dan

TBB April Updates

Hey TBB!

Here are your updates for April:

Bring-a-Friend Night this Saturday 4/6: For our next match, why not finally bring your friends you've always promised to bring to a match? Tickets are buy one, get one free (aka "BOGO") with your 2019 password, so you're out of excuses. Plus, TBB is a fine group of upstanding people and your other friends deserve to know us.

Membership Packs: How 'bout those scarves, huh? Many of you picked up your membership packs already, but if you haven't, they'll be available until ~40 minutes prior to kickoff at every tailgate, as well as at our watch parties. Oh and still haven't joined? We'll forgive you (after you join HERE)

TBB Tailgate: The tailgate itself has been a resounding success and we'd like to thank everyone involved and all attendees. We are negotiating an earlier start time, but nothing confirmed at this time. While it's been amazing, just a reminder not to have any open flame under tents/canopies, as the fire marshals will be cracking down.

Regarding the unfortunate incident at our security check, the police have globally apologized and the security company from the last match are being replaced entirely. Thanks to our drummers for returning like heroes. With a new security company coming in, we may have to lineup a little earlier next match.

TBB Shop: We have a limited run of parasols/umbrellas for sale at cost HERE. You'll need your 2019 password for the shop. Look for new shirts and other items in the coming weeks.

Away Days: We are still awaiting US Open Cup updates, but the upcoming trips already have Facebook event pages for coordination (tickets, hotels, pre/after parties, etc). 

4/13 @Portland, with the watch party at Costanza's

5/4 @Las Vegas 

5/8 @Fresno 

6/29 @Reno

Upcoming Community Events: 

5/19 TBB @ Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

6/9 TBB @ Pride March


See you Saturday at the TBB tailagate!

-Meghan, Matteo & Dan


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TBB March Updates: Tailgate, T-shirts & More


Membership Packs: The scarves, pins and stickers have arrived and will be available for pickup at our TBB Tailgate Pickup Table before our home opener this Saturday! Haven’t joined? That’s alright because the 2019 TBB Membership is still available at TBBattalion.com/join/tbb2019.

 TAILGATE!: At long last, we will be tailgating this season! The TBB Tailgate will be a marked off area of no cars within the new tailgate area of the Cal Expo parking lot. If you want to park within the general tailgate area you’ll need to purchase a spot from the Club. However, if you just want to walk into the TBB Tailgate (park somewhere else, Lyft/Uber, carpool, etc.) then that is completelyFREE. While some of our members already plan to park within the tailgate area for ease of set-up, we suspect many will be just walking into the TBB Tailgate with beers in hand.

We’ll be marching from the tailgate with our own separate ticket scan and security check process. This process will begin at 7:05 and the march will take off promptly at 7:20

This is a great opportunity for us and we want to make sure it continues long into the future. There are a few key items we need to get right, as Cal Expo will be looking for any reason to end the fun. (see the attached pdf for the FO’s full tailgate policy)

-       No glass containers of any kind

-       No consumption of alcohol once we have queued up for the march. This is HUGE! We asked for TBB to go through the ticket scan/wand process near the tailgate, so we do not have to stop at the gates once we begin the march. We are talking about 5-10 minutes of no drinking, but apparently the cops are certain we will try to sneak contraband past their security. Let’s prove them wrong.

-       No jumping into the march unless you’ve gone through the scan/wand process. It is imperative that we all arrive with enough time to be properly scanned before the march. If anyone jumps in midway once the march starts, they will be looking to end the privilege and make us queue up at the front gate. Please, don’t ruin this for everyone else.

-       No consumption of marijuana in the tailgate area

-       Clean up! Garbage and recycling cans will be present throughout the tailgating area, please use them.

-      If you are bringing a 10x10 pop-up, consider bringing sandbags or something to weight them down.

 Tifo: Our first tifo painting will take place TONIGHTat Olympus Sports Complex. Due to facility logistics we will be working in two crews for this one. We need a small crew of 4-5 people to show up at 6pm to trace our design. We will then begin painting the tifo at 8:30PM. Feel free to show up for either/both times.  Remember, no artistic talent is required and these events are typically a great time.

 TBB T-Shirts: We are taking preorders now for our new shirts!You’ll need your 2019 TBB password to enter the online shop. If you don’t preorder, you might miss out on a remixed TBB classic. Look for more shirts and other items in the coming months.

Away Days: We are still waiting on potential US Open Cup matches as those are some of our best bus trips. These upcoming trips already have Facebook event pages to help coordinate (ticket links, hotels, pre & after parties, etc).
4/13 @Portland 
5/4 @Las Vegas 
5/8 @Fresno 
6/29 @Reno

See you Saturday at the TBB Tailgate!

-Meghan, Matteo & Dan


TBB Membership 2019 Available Now!

Greetings TBB,

The 2019 TBB Membership is now available at TBBattalion.com/join/tbb2019! The 2019 Membership Pack includes our new knit scarf, a TBB crest lapel pin and a new sticker. We expect to have the packs ready in time for the home opener March 9.

Upcoming Events:

Quarterly Open Meeting This Saturday 2/9 4-6pm at Sactown Union Brewery: We'll share a few beers and have a brief general discussion with updates followed by committee breakout sessions. All are welcome. For those going to the preseason match against Sac Gold FC, we'll finish in plenty of time to be at ARC by 7pm. Tickets are still available here.

SRFC Academy Match 2/23 3-5pm- We'll be supporting our U-18/19 team and trying out new song ideas at Cosumnes River College. Join us!

6th Annual Full Kit Wanker Pub Crawl 2/23 7pm until closing- After the academy match, we'll head to Old Sac for our beloved Full Kit Wanker. You don't have to wear a full kit to come have fun with us, but it's highly encouraged.

Check out TBBattalion.com & our TBBCalendar

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Saludos TBB,

¡La membresía de TBB para la temporada del 2019 ya está disponible en: TBBattalion.com/join/tbb2019! Como miembro de TBB para la temporada del 2019 incluye nuestra nueva bufanda, un pin con el escudo de TBB y una nueva pegatina. Esperamos tener los paquetes listos a tiempo para el partido en casa el 9 de Marzo.

Próximos eventos:

Reunión trimestral abierta este sábado 2/21 4-6pm en Sactown Union Brewery: Comparte unas cervezas y una breve discusión. Luego tendremos sesiones del Comité. Todos son bienvenidos. Para los que van al partido de pretemporada contra el Sac Gold FC, terminaremos con bastante tiempo para estar en el estadio a las 7 pm. Boletos están disponibles aquí.

Partido de la Academia SRFC 2/23 3-5pm. Vamos a apoyando a nuestro equipo de Sub-18/19 en Cosumnes River College. Probaremos nuevas canciones. ¡Únete a nosotros!

6 º Anniversario del Full Kit Wanker Pub Crawl 2/23 7 pm hasta el cierre - Después del partido de la Academia SRFC Sub-18/19, saldremos en nuestra querida Full Kit Wanker. No tienes que llevar un kit completo para divertirte con nosotros, pero se recomienda.

Échanos un vistazo en TBBattalion.com y TBBCalendar

Seguí nos en InstagramFacebook, y Twitter

TBB/La Banda del Puente Newsletter January 2019

Enjoying your off-season, TBB? Don't worry, our boys will be back in action before you know it. 

Quarterly Open Meeting 2/9 4-6pm- As promised, we'll be holding open TBB meetings every quarter with our first occurrence on Saturday February 9th 4-6pm at Sactown Union Brewery. We'll have a brief general discussion with updates followed by committee breakout sessions. Everyone is welcome to come. 

SRFC Academy Match 2/23 3-5pm- We'll continue the tradition of supporting our academy at select matches with the U-18/19 match on Saturday February 23 3-5pm at Cosumnes River College and admission is FREE! These matches are also a great chance to try out new songs, so feel free to come armed with ideas. 

6th Annual Full Kit Wanker Pub Crawl 2/23 7pm until closing- After the academy match, we'll welcome the glorious return of our Full Kit Wanker Pub Crawl for the sixth straight year! We are planning on Old Sacramento, but stay tuned for the bar lineup. While you don't have to wear a full kit to come and enjoy yourself, it is encouraged. 

2019 TBB Membership- This year's membership package is being finalized, but look for the opportunity to order in the coming days. 

TBB Calendar- We have a shared TBB calendar available for our members to follow and we'll update it regularly. Find the calendar link HERE

Away Days- There aren't too many opportunities as of now for bus trips, although the US Open Cup might give us more away matches. Either way, we plan to invade multiple cities. More details to follow, but we suggest at least putting these away matches on your radar: 
4/13 @Portland 
5/4 @Las Vegas 
5/8 @Fresno (unfortunately a Wednesday) 
6/8 @New Mexico (Alburqueque) 
6/29 @Renope 7/27 
@Orange County 

See you soon, Meghan, Matteo & Dan

Familia de la banda, estas disfrutando de su temporada baja? No te preocupas nuestro equipo va a regresar pronoto.

Reunión de actualización trimestral 2/9 4-6pm- Como se prometió, tendremos reuniones abiertas de TBB cada trimestre con nuestra primera aparición en el  Sabado el 9th de Febrero  4-6pm en Sactown Union Brewery. Tendremos una breve discusión general con actualizaciones seguidas de las sesiones divididas del comité. Todos son bienvenidos a venir.

Partido del SRFC Academy  2/23 3-5pm- Continuaremos la tradición de apoyar a nuestra academia en partidos seleccionados con el partido U-18/19en el  Sabado el 23 de Febrero 3-5pm en Cosumnes River College y la entrada es GRATIS! Estos partidos también son una gran oportunidad para probar nuevas canciones, así que siéntete libre de venir armado con ideas.. 

6th Annual Full Kit Wanker Pub Crawl 2/23 7pm until closing- Despues del partido del academia vamos a tener nuestro Full Kit Wanker Pub Crawl por sexto año! Estamos planeando en Old Sacramento, pero vamos a tener el completo listo del bars antes del evento.  No necesitas llevar una camiseta para disfrutar de la diversión.

2019 TBB Membership- El paquete de membresía de este año se está finalizando, pero busque la oportunidad de ordenar en los próximos días.

TBB Calendario- Tenemos un calednario compartido para nuestros miembros.  Puedes ver is calendario AQUIE

Partidos de distancia- No hay muchas oportunidades a partir de ahora para viajes en autobús, aunque la US Open Cup podría darnos más partidos fuera de casa. De cualquier manera, planeamos invadir múltiples ciudades. Más detalles a seguir, pero sugerimos al menos guardar estos partidos en tu radar: 
4/13 @Portland 
5/4 @Las Vegas 
5/8 @Fresno (unfortunately a Wednesday) 
6/8 @New Mexico (Alburqueque) 
6/29 @Renope 7/27 
@Orange County 

Nos Vemos Pronto, Scott (La Banda del Puente)

TBB December 2018 Newsletter: Holiday Party, Town Hall Minutes

Greetings TBB,

We hope your off-season is going well! Anyone else suffering from SRFC withdrawal? A few updates:

The 2018 TBB Holiday Party is coming up Sunday December 9 at Urban Roots Brewing & Smokehouse from 6 to 10pm. Please RSVP via the Eventbrite link (the same password used all season) and you'll get one drink token per TBB member RSVP. We will also be helping the Sacramento Children's Home by collecting toys with two raffle tickets per toy brought and additional raffle tickets for sale to raise money. Expect SRFC & TBB related raffle prizes. Oh and you can surely bring a non-member guest.

We had a great turnout at the Town Hall! The presentation slides have been emailed to members and the minutes can be find below. We need your help! If you'd like to join a committee or get involved in any way, please email us at info@tbbattalion.com.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the #TreeGoals event! We successfully planted 47 trees with the Sacramento Tree Foundation in honor of our boys scoring 47 goals and we contributed to our urban forest ensuring we continue to be the City of Trees.

Finally, thanks to everyone that joined us for Run To Feed The Hungry and/or the Friendsgiving Potluck. We plan to continue these events in the future.

We'll see everyone at the holiday party and expect more updates in the new year.

Thanks, Meghan, Matteo & Dan

TBB Town Hall Meeting Minutes

November 9, 2018


19:46 Meeting commenced by Dan Colby:

Introductions of board members: Dan Colby, Matteo Cascio, and Meghan Dendorfer

Tower Bridge Battalion, what we are:

            Member led group.

            and a petition for help from members.

Vision: To be a supporter group we can be proud of 

TBB Objectives: support SRFC, the players/team on the pitch, not anyone else (Front Office, owners, etc.) 

            Leadership meets with FO every few months but we are an independent group    We are also here for member engagement and community outreach.

Meghan Dendorfer:

Guiding Pillar of TBB: 

            "Stand, yell, & Scream for the full 90 min to back our city and club."

            We are NOT here to provide the atmosphere for the entire stadium nor to be the             cheerleaders.

How to support our team/TBB:         

            Call for new/more Capos

            Additional songs/chants. Please submit your ideas

            Call for additional brass players

            The drum section is strong

            Continue our strong Tifo program, please sign up. 

            Need for more flags, 2 poles, streamers, etc. 

            Will likely host another create your own flag event. 

            (Request for instruction how to make 2 pole) Meghan will follow up.

            Away games: which matches are important to you? Let us know. We would like to have continued attendance. 

Match day goals:

            Working on cheaper beer, current $6 pre-match deal will likely be continued. We are advocating for even cheaper beer at every meeting with FO           

            Pre match march-variable responses to our march: suggestions include, pushback till later and march just minutes prior to start. Pause under bleachers for acoustics, etc.

            Tailgate: actively advocating for a permanent official TBB tailgate. What are our "must haves". Suggestions included: move site to where the band plays for better experience. Obtain permit to use levy.

Matteo Cascio:

Member engagement: Engage current members, expand roles, clarify roles, empower members. 

            You want merch, make it, sell it. Tifos, 2-poles, songs. Do it. We can help.

Growth: New members -who isn't joing TBB and why?

                                       -returning members

                                       -welcoming to all

            Ambassadors: at new member table, introduce them to someone who'll show them around, make introductions to others, engage them to make them feel welcome, get them coming back.            


            Email new members with introduction to who and what we are, community events, social media information, ie TBB community wall, website, FB page, etc.


            What we can do as members: take a minute to say hi to your neighbor.     

            Consider moving to different areas of our section to meet newer members.


            Member relations: a new committee

                        TBB ambassadors: likely large crew, rotate availability                     

                        Member table manned by volunteer ambassadors   

            Ticket exchange: how can we do this or continue on TBB community wall


Apparel: research available products, specialized products.... what do you want to see?

            Kristen to take over design. Discussed how to deliver items so as not to haul         merch to every match for pickup. 


Community Outreach: 

            Walk a Mile in her shoes        

            St Baldricks

            Sac Pride

            World Refugee night

            Sac Children's Home Christmas toy drive

            Sacramento Tree Foundation


            We would like to have consistent involvement in community projects. Our members guide how and where we participate, to reflect our valuesand support charitable events.

            What else would you like to see? 


Leadership:  Lead. Be involved. Sign up. 

We are recruiting committee members and leaders for the following committees:

            Member relations (TBB ambassadors)

            Tifo (2-poles, flags, tifos for selected matches)

            Community Outreach


Contact us at info@tbbattalion.com


TBB Meeting: Monthly meetings with committee leaders and board

                        Quarterly meetings, open to all. Schedule TBD.


Board leadership:

            Founding TBB bylaws state the board is appointed. 

            Current board is revising the bylaws and reviewing various elected board models. We will be the last appointed TBB board. The next board will be elected. 

            Considering a Sacramento Supporters Trust/Union

            Early stages:    What features do we want to sample from other models?

                                    What do we want to avoid?

                                    What is our timetable?

                                    Who wants to be involved?


TBB is a 501c7 non-profit organization.


Open Forum: Discussion on photog/media presence and what to do about it.

            Problem of non-members walking in front of our sections, stopping for selfies, etc. (Last game we placed a rope stanchion to prevent this) 

            Send out a poll: "Why aren't you sitting (standing/chanting) with us?" to TBB members.


Meeting adjourned. 

TBB November 2018 Newsletter

It was a disappointing end to the season, as I think we all felt our boys were poised for a much deeper run. I guess that is the nature of the game. Now is the time for us to look forward and start planning for next season and beyond. Your TBB Board met the Monday after the loss to pivot our focus to the future. During our meeting we discussed structural changes, new committees, new events and our goals for 2019.

While the season may be over, we still have a number of events planned between now and the New Year.

November 9th

     Town Hall– We will be meeting to present our vision for TBB and how we plan to lead the organization forward. More importantly, we will be looking to you for feedback, commitment, and participation. We will be holding the town hall at Sactown Unionon Friday November 9that 7pm. You can find more information about this event here

November 10th

     #TreeGoals– We have partnered with the Sacramento Tree Foundation to plant a tree for every goal our boys scored in 2018.  On Saturday, November 10that 8:45am we will be planting 47 trees in the Hollywood Park neighborhood.  We need volunteers to achieve this goal, so please join us.  You can sign up to plant trees with us here.

November 17th

     Friendsgiving Potluck– After a solid turnout last year, several members have organized the 2ndAnnual Friendsgiving Potluck. Join us at Bike Dog on Broadway at 12pm to kick off the festive season and share a meal with your TBB family. You can find more information about this event here.

November 22nd (Thanksgiving)

     Run To Feed The Hungry– There is still time to sign upand join our team! We will be walking a 5K to raise money for the Sacramento Food Bank on Thanksgiving morning, but feel free to run if you prefer. This is the largest Thanksgiving event in the country and the money raised for the Sacramento Food Bank helps countless people in our community each year. Thanks to Scott Rosenquist for organizing! To find out how you can join us in supporting this cause, please click here.

December 9th

     Holiday Party– We are switching it up this year! Please join us at Urban Roots at 6pm, for great food, fantastic beer and even better company. We’ll be collecting toys for the Sacramento Children’s Home once again. Let’s close out the year with some well-earned comradery and revelry. Click herefor updated details. 


We are excited for our future, but we can only be successful with your support and participation. We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible at these events, as we build momentum for 2019.



Matteo, Meghan & Dan



For additional updates, feel free to follow TBB on Facebook,Instagramand/or Twitter.

TBB Updates: Bring-a-Friend, #TreeGoals, New Board

Hi TBB  


As we approach the home stretch of the season, we've got a few updates for everyone. For additiotional updates, check out our websiteTwitterInstagram & Facebook pages.


Bring-a-Friend Night ($5 tickets): September 8 Match vs S2 

Do you have a friend you've always wanted to bring to a match? Or maybe there is someone in your life that hasn't hung out with TBB in a while? For this upcoming match on Saturday 9/8 against S2, we've asked the club for tickets to be just $5 for TBB members. Instead of the regular ticketmaster code, use the code 5YEARS to unlock the discounted tickets (only valid online, no walkups). Let's remind everyone who we are and what we are about by welcoming new and old members to TBB. 


TBB's #TreeGoals

Unlike some cities that will go unnamed, we like planting trees in Sacramento instead of just cutting them down (City of Trees, etc.). In that spirit, TBB will be partnering with the Sacramento Tree Foundation to plant a tree for every goal we score throughout the season. So far, our boys in red have scored 33 goals, and for every goal we score we'll add to that tally of trees to plant. We'll update you on our end of season tree planting event once the date is finalized and hopefully we'll have a ridiculous number of holes to dig once we go on a tear through the playoffs. #TreeGoals 


TBB Board

After deliberating over an exceptional group of applicants, we are proud to announce that Meghan Dendorfer and Matteo Cascio have joined the TBB Board. While Dan Colby is staying on, RJ Cooper and Brian Trainer have elected to step down. We thank RJ and Brian for everything they've done for TBB and feel free to peer pressure them into capoing from time to time. 


The new board is currently evaluating the structure of TBB and we still plan to hold elections this offseason. Please feel free to let us know if you have any ideas or questions either via email or in person at a match/event. 


Upcoming Matches:


September 8 Home USL match vs S2 7:30pm

Just for this match, get $5 TBB tickets on Ticketmaster.com using the Offer Code: 5YEARS


September 19 Away USL match vs Tulsa 5pm with watch party @Streets

September 23 Away USL match vs OKC 4pm with watch party @Urban Roots

September 29 Home USL match vs T2 7:30pm

October 3 Home USL match vs Swope Park 5:30pm

October 6 Away USL match vs Galaxy II 7:30pm with watch party & potential bus trip details incoming soon.

-Dan, Meghan & Matteo

TBB Board Applications

Now that the season is up and running (with two great wins!) we've decided that the time is right to announce a few changes in leadership of the group. TBB is run by a three-member board of directors. Each year, the board appoints the officers (President, Vice President, etc.) who manage TBB's day-to-day operations. The current board members are R.J. Cooper, Brian Trainer and Dan Colby. Each board member also holds an officer position. At this time, R.J. and Brian have decided to resign from their board positions.

Before stepping down, the three current board members will select two interim board members to serve on the board for the remainder of the 2018 season. At the end of the season, those two board positions will again become available and filled through an election by TBB members.

All current TBB members are eligible to apply for the one of the two interim board positions. The process is simple, if you're interested in applying — just fill out the application form at TBBattalion.com/board-application. The current board will meet with applicants and chose two applicants to fill the available positions. Deadline for applications will be Sunday, April 8 at 5pm.

Once the new board members are selected, they will be tasked with appointing the officers for the 2018 season.

2018 Single Match Tickets

All TBB single game tickets will now be sold through Ticketmaster.com.

TBB section tickets for all regular season home matches can be purchased on the main Ticketmaster.com page using the same password below. Here is the link: http://www.ticketmaster.com/artist/1960021

Simply go to the link above and enter to Offer Code... The Ticketmaster password/offer code is BRIDGE